Banana wine

Absolutely delicious and actually quite dry. Always sterilise all equipment with steriliser fluid.  A great way to get your five a day!

4lbs of bananas  (preferably from the reduced section )

3 bags of sugar

1lb of mixed fruit  ( for cake baking )

1 Orange and  a few banana skins

1 teabag of choice ( you can go mad here )

one large fermenting bin  (5 gallons) or any food grade tub with a lid.

1 sachet of turbo yeast easily bought on the internet cheaply

cut and crush bananas down in the fermenting bin,chop the orange in four  (Citric acid ).

Brew tea bag in a jug and swish about to get maximum tea (tannin) and then add the tea to the bin

fill 2/3rds of bin with hot water and add mixed fruit then sugar. stir vigorously  and then leave for a few hours when the fruits will have started going mushy. Add a sprinkling of turbo 48 hour yeast which is roughly 2 teaspoons and seal lid.

Every day rattle the bin or stir it. you should hear the sizzling of fermentation and then top up water to line.

After ten to 20 days depending how strong you want it remove fruit and let settle before siphoning into demijohn jars or a different clean bin.

Once the sugar is all used by the yeast it will start to clear by it self or you can put a campden tablet in. I prefer to let it clear naturally. syphon off again into clean jars or another bin and then the next time it should be clear enough to put into sterilised bottles and it should be clear as bought wine.  Its drinkable now but great at Christmas. It works out about 20p a bottle at most.

To add a bit of excitement at Christmas ,If you let your wine clear WITHOUT Campden tablets then you will still have live yeast in the mix. Put wine in either sparkling wine bottles or large coke bottles  (because it will put pressure on normal bottles and they will explode) and add a good teaspoon of sugar. Seal well and put away for a month or two and you will have sparkling wine !

An affordable bit of luxury at Christmas  !!!

copyright Lady L Cooper 2011


About ladylesley

Surprisingly lifes not been easy. Ive ripped or broken most limbs just working with the sanctury animals but then Ive had access to all the wonderful plants and herbs growing freely. Ive fought battles against injustice and prejudice and Ive tried to help and empower people. At the end of the day I prefer animals to people and I love making traditional food and products from all that grows around me. If I can make it for free then Im even happier. Im the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall of the poor and frugal
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