Hand Cream Rich face cream

There are lots of cheap products out there but when you read the label half the products seem to be from a science manual. If you have eczema how can you trust whats going onto sore skin ?

2 oz Cocoa butter

2 oz white hard oil (Palm oil type )

2 oz oil , ( lighter the better ie grape oil but hemp oil or soya is fine )

1oz Bees wax

( Often honey in a jar comes with the comb or its available cheaply on the internet or from your local asian supermarket)

ten drops glycerine liquid

( can be bought in supermarkets or chemists and has great uses in cough medicines etc as it attracts water to its self )

ten drops

Aloe vera or anything you find useful for YOUR skin

1 table spoon of ice cold water

Warm all the oils through until dissolved and remove from heat, add glycerine and Aloevera and any extras. (vanilla is lovely with the honey comb )

Whisk with electric mixer and at the same time drip a little cold water in. As if by magic pure hand cream appears ! Continue whisking untill you have a creamy product with enough water to make it dissapear into your skin but not swamp it.

Whilst hand warm spoon into clean sterlised jar

All the ingredients can be bought cheaply locally or on the internet


About ladylesley

Surprisingly lifes not been easy. Ive ripped or broken most limbs just working with the sanctury animals but then Ive had access to all the wonderful plants and herbs growing freely. Ive fought battles against injustice and prejudice and Ive tried to help and empower people. At the end of the day I prefer animals to people and I love making traditional food and products from all that grows around me. If I can make it for free then Im even happier. Im the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall of the poor and frugal
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4 Responses to Hand Cream Rich face cream

  1. alcione says:

    i would like to know if i can use something other than cocoa butter to make the hand cream. Thank you

    • ladylesley says:

      Yes you can. Any semi solid oil can be used. As long as its food grade to protect you then have a wander around the asian or chinese supermarkets. Far better stocked and cheaper too. Ebay is good too. You can either find stockists or people who have left over unopened stuff.
      Lady Lesley

  2. alcione says:

    Thank you for your response. Could you give me some examples of semi solid oils that I could use, please?


  3. ladylesley says:


    This may give you some ideas but just google semi solid oils and you should get a range that you can choose from to suit your needs

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