Apple Wine

I once found a whole load of cartons of apple juice reduced to 20p a go. I filled my trolley and gleefully went off to make wine ! Some time later a bottle of this batch took first prize in the dry wine section of Bancffosfelen annual show !  Here’s how to make yours…

Always sterilise equipment . Car boots and free sites are always great for getting wine making items.

4- 6lbs of apples

1lb of mixed fruit for cooking always buy best quality you can get.

carton of white grape juice

4lbs of sugar

cup of black tea

20z oak chips or a debarked chunk from an oak tree

Super turbo yeast 2 teaspoons

Assuming you are using apples. Crush with a potato crusher and then place in a clean old pillow case ( Cheese cloth if you are dead posh and make cheese too ). Hang pillow case over your fermentation bin over night. Boil kettle and pour into pillow case until the bin is 2/3rds full of apple juice and water. ( with remains of apple pulp make yourself a fruit acid face mask )

Add dried fruit in the pillow case you already used with oak chips.Tie a knot in it.

add sugar and stir.

add  tea and grape juice

add yeast

After rapid fermentation top up to line with hot water

Stir and then seal in. Every day give the pillow case a good swish to circulate the juices and help fermentation. When fermentation has stopped after about 2 -3 weeks when all sugar is gone remove all fruit and allow to settle. Syphon off in to clean bin and repeat untill wine is crystal clear.

Bottle and enjoy


About ladylesley

Surprisingly lifes not been easy. Ive ripped or broken most limbs just working with the sanctury animals but then Ive had access to all the wonderful plants and herbs growing freely. Ive fought battles against injustice and prejudice and Ive tried to help and empower people. At the end of the day I prefer animals to people and I love making traditional food and products from all that grows around me. If I can make it for free then Im even happier. Im the Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall of the poor and frugal
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2 Responses to Apple Wine

  1. Hello, fellow scrimper Leo here. It’s a shame we never met during the making of the second series, I had much to ask you about wine making. I’ve just recently finished making my first apple wine and it is remarkably good considering it’s just cheap apple juice, sugar and oak chips. I was hoping to see some wine production from your good self in that series – I noticed that they had some footage of you swirling a demijohn (degassing?). Any idea if you’ll be doing it in the third series?

    • ladylesley says:

      Hello Leo, Sorry didn’t see you post before. To be fair Im an animal behaviourist who runs a huge sanctuary in Wales. I get roped in to allsorts to bring cash in for animal feed. I never quite got the concept of superscrimpers so hopefully didn’t come across as someone just trying to do stuff on the cheap. I was just born in the wrong century so making everything is normal to me. There were comments in certain quarters that how would I know about being poor. trust me…You try feeding 31 horses and a herd of pet Jerseys then find dinner money for the humans

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