Apple Wine

I once found a whole load of cartons of apple juice reduced to 20p a go. I filled my trolley and gleefully went off to make wine ! Some time later a bottle of this batch took first prize in the dry wine section of Bancffosfelen annual show !  Here’s how to make yours… Continue reading

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Welcome to the blog of Lady Lesley, currently appearing as a tipster in the CH4 series “Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not”.

She runs an animal sanctuary in South Wales and helps animals from all over the UK.  Read her recipes and tips for having good food and luxuries on a budget.

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Hand Cream Rich face cream

There are lots of cheap products out there but when you read the label half the products seem to be from a science manual. If you have eczema how can you trust whats going onto sore skin ? Continue reading

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Banana wine

Absolutely delicious and actually quite dry. Always sterilise all equipment with steriliser fluid.  A great way to get your five a day! Continue reading

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Fresh pasta with nettles

We are assuming that tradition prevails and the use of proper tablespoons  for measuring. One rounded tablespoon equals one ounce.

6oz of bread or pizza flour is best but plain will do.

2 fresh eggs

1 teaspoon of olive oil /sunflower oil

pinch of salt and a little pepper

4oz of nettle tips well washed or 4oz of spinach chopped finely

Mix up to form a dough and then knead using extra flour until the gluten starts to stretch, Roll out as thinly as possible and then if you have one, use a pasta cutter or sharp knife (dipped in excess flour to stop it catching) to cut into long tiny thin strips. leave in fridge for five minutes whilst heating water in a deep pan to boiling point. Drop in your pasta for roughly five minutes or untill you can test a strand is cooked. Serve with fresh tomato sauce or home made cream cheese. a french stick can be run under a cold tap and placed in the oven which will refresh the bread to newly baked. This works with ALL unsliced bread.

This recipe can also be altered to make Ravioli parcels with tomato sauce and leftovers.

Copyright Lady Lesley Cooper 2011

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Superscrimpers Ch4 8.30 wed

we had a lot of fun filming this and spent most of the time swapping tips ! The film crew offered to come back in summer to help with the sanctuary animals which was kind but I have a sneaking feeling that part of their desire involved the farmhouse wine that they tried. All of it made from just normal household stuff that people have anyway. Im happy to show people traditional recipes that I have altered just a tad to ease them into the 21st century.

There are many many recipes and potions to be made for a fraction of the price it would cost in shops and often better quality. All my recipes are copyrighted to me but I share just a few on the Scrimpers programme….

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