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basic meat base for bolognese

A tasty recipe and an easy way of bulking out your meat for a bolognese meal. Advertisements

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Childs sore throat Ice lollys

My Grandaughters both have terribly bad tonsilitis. One is small and one really hates medicine which would help soothe and settle the dreaded lumps.  Making soothing lollies means they are fooled into having medicine!

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Welcome to the blog of Lady Lesley, currently appearing as a tipster in the CH4 series “Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not”. She runs an animal sanctuary in South Wales and helps animals from all over the UK.  Read her recipes and tips … Continue reading

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Hand Cream Rich face cream

There are lots of cheap products out there but when you read the label half the products seem to be from a science manual. If you have eczema how can you trust whats going onto sore skin ?

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Banana wine

Absolutely delicious and actually quite dry. Always sterilise all equipment with steriliser fluid.  A great way to get your five a day!

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Fresh pasta with nettles

We are assuming that tradition prevails and the use of proper tablespoons  for measuring. One rounded tablespoon equals one ounce. 6oz of bread or pizza flour is best but plain will do. 2 fresh eggs 1 teaspoon of olive oil … Continue reading

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Superscrimpers Ch4 8.30 wed

we had a lot of fun filming this and spent most of the time swapping tips ! The film crew offered to come back in summer to help with the sanctuary animals which was kind but I have a sneaking … Continue reading

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