Welcome to the blog of Lady Lesley, currently appearing as a tipster in the CH4 series “Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not”.

She runs an animal sanctuary in South Wales and helps animals from all over the UK.  Read her recipes and tips for having good food and luxuries on a budget.

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HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2014 everyone

Apologies for not getting on here much. My work at the sanctuary is time consuming and Im usually on crutches (twice this year). Im presently suffering ripped muscles after welding the axe a little too enthusiastically whilst splitting oak logs and expending rage towards the world lol. As we speak Im fighting off a Deerhound  called Bojangles who thinks he has an entitlement to the cake in front of me. The wind is blowing across the valley so the stone walls of the farm house are vibrating and all the horses and cattle are sheltering in woods and dells. Ive just bottled this years Banana Brandy and Raspberry vodka ready for Christmas dinner. Im doing chocolate vodka tomorrow. Then mince pies using a Victorian sweet pastry recipe. Then the soups for those that wont want Lobster sea food cocktails I shall try and put more recipes on over the next few days but Im a horse behaviourist so the animals have to come first and we feed 31 horses here every day


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Black Berry Liquer

1lb of fruit   (frozen is cheaper but fresh is better)

Any berry type fruit can be used and Raspberrys were absolutely wonderful for this !

16 oz s of Sugar

1 pint of water

1/2 bottle of vodka  (cheap is perfect for this )

vanilla extract is optional


Boil fruit,water  and sugar untill totally cooked and mushy then strain with a sieve. Leave to cool totally and then mix liquid with Vodka and then bottle into sterilised bottles.

We experimented here using chocolate instead of fruit and if you replace half the water with a can of condensed milk and use 12 ozs of sugar it works really really well. We used a 80 % chocolate bar which meant we had solid cocoa bits that needed straining but wow was it chocolaty !!!!

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Christmas Superscrimpers

Morning all!  Apologies for the lack of blog posts, it’s been a busy time at the sanctuary.  In this poor economic climate we live in, more and more horses have been in need of our help.

I have been filming the Christmas Special of Superscrimpers, look out for lovely Xmas puddings, liqueur and lots more!  Saving money doesn’t mean not having Christmas luxuries.

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Cottage and Cream cheese

Cheese making is one of those things that holds a lot of mystery but really is very simple to make on a daily or weekly basis. Continue reading

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basic meat base for bolognese

A tasty recipe and an easy way of bulking out your meat for a bolognese meal.

Continue reading

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Home made Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce is easily made and some can be frozen to be used in pasta and meat dishes. Given the cost  of jars of pasta sauces and of additives in tomato sauce, its not only cost effective but also healthier to make your own. Tomatoes are often reduced at the end of the day in supermarkets but you may find neighbours who grow too many for their own use. Continue reading

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Childs sore throat Ice lollys

My Grandaughters both have terribly bad tonsilitis. One is small and one really hates medicine which would help soothe and settle the dreaded lumps.  Making soothing lollies means they are fooled into having medicine! Continue reading

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